Meet Our Therapists



Emma Roberts

New Forest Pilates

Pilates specialist – 07787804746

Emma, former dancer, and owner and founder of both New Forest Pilates and The New Forest Wellbeing Centre has 15 years experience since training in Body Control Pilates.  Following a very successful career in dance and a career break to raise her family. Emma practised locally for 10 years before moving to the New Forest Wellbeing Centre in 2017.



Donnamarie Lewis

Donnamarie Fitness 

Adult Ballet and BarreConcept Classes  – 07966 278264

As an ex dancer retraining to teach Adult Ballet and BarreConcept classes has been an exciting journey for me over the past few years. Combing the benefits of my training and the elements of Yoga, Pilates and Ballet, BarreConcept workouts have opened up a whole new experience that I am keen to share with others. More recently the addition of the Adult Ballet classes has increased my involvement in the Wellbeing centre and I look forward to seeing new faces in the classes which are suitable for all abilities.  See you at the Barre !  


Imogen Annan


Yoga Practioner  – 07446888113

A British Wheel of Yoga trained teacher. (The only Yoga qualification recognised by Sports England)

Exploring the Hatha yoga poses we will develop flexability, strength and improve functional movement and balance linking movement with the breath and exploring relaxation techniques. Working with your body and breath to help maintain a healthy life.


Michelle (Shelley)Woodnutt


Reiki Practioner  – 07514359725

I’ve always been an intuitive and spiritual person and love connecting with people, animals and the world around me. It was when I was pregnant with my son Ralph that I found Reiki. A close neighbour and friend gave me my first treatment a few days before I gave birth.
I found it a highly emotional and wonderful experience so decided (once the baby fog had lifted) that I would like to learn more and be attuned myself to help others and make Reiki part of my life. Two years on, I decided to take my practitioner training and become part of the Reiki Federation.
My clients are both human and animal.
Reiki’s healing energy can be felt by all living creatures. As with human clients, the animals I have worked with seem calmer and relaxed following their treatment.



Barbara Wyant & Zana Parker 

07948686891 & 07905658386

Birthing With Confidence

Hypnotherapist and Hypnobirthing Antenatal classes and Counselling   

New Forest Wellbeing centre is also home to the ‘Birthing with Confidence’ team, running monthly Hypnobirthing classes and other offerings such as Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Antenatal classes. They can be contacted on or the numbers above