Be proactive with the health and wellbeing of your employees.

Reduce absenteeism and improve your bottom line with our Corporate Posture & Wellbeing workshop.

Musculoskeletal conditions (MSK) within the workplace are one of the most widespread and pressing health issues of our time. MSK conditions affect the bones, muscles and joints.

For years employers have been trying to solve the problem of MSK conditions by buying expensive equipment such as ergonomic chairs and sit stand desks. We believe this will only be beneficial in the long term if the individual using them is sitting or standing correctly, that’s where we come in!

We have an experienced team within this field and our posture and wellbeing workshops are personalised, interactive and full of relevant content. Clients will learn invaluable postural skills to use in the office, and their everyday lives promoting long term health and wellbeing.

We are different because our focus is on the individual rather than the equipment traditionally used to try and solve these problems. We work with small exclusive groups to ensure each person gets personalised attention teaching them a whole range of transferable skills and exercises to use in the office and their everyday lives.

We are passionate about helping people with their health and wellbeing and believe that employers should be as well, we are looking for forward thinking leaders to show their employees they care by enrolling them on our posture and wellbeing workshops.

Our workshops are hosted at our countryside venue helping to put the individual into a calm mindset which we know is more conducive to being present and focused. However if it simply isn’t possible to visit our location we can travel to your facilities if this is easier to manage with the hectic daily office life.

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A summary of what we share with you during our 3 hour workshop

  • Essential postural techniques
  • Correct core activation
  • Stress reducing breathing techniques
  • How to set up an ergonomically sound workstation without spending a fortune
  • Exercises to do at your desk during the working day
  • Tips on how to get up and move around the office more frequently
  • Taster back neck and shoulder massage